Why don’t you offer print CD’s?

So I always get asked why I don’t offer CD’s with print release…my usual response is a quick basic idea, however there is a lot more too it!

I take a lot of pride in what I do, I go through every effort to ensure that each image was processed to the best of my ability, I spend that extra time ensuring that  I offer you quality images. So you ask, what does that have to do with the printing? Well part of delivering the best possible image doesn’t stop at the post processing. I continue with the process by selecting a professional printing company that I have learned to trust, that my monitor has been calibrated towards (ill give a brief on calibration in a moment), and guarantees that the prints will look as close to the original image as possible. Generic printers or even at home printers are not designed to support the quality custom photography offers, and since each printing company prints differently, you honestly never know what your going to get…theres no way for me to prepare images in a way that is suitable for whatever random print company you chooose.

So you may say: but so many other photographers offer them…i feel like i’m getting more of a value…

I offer value through quality, you came to me hoping for a memorable investment…why cheapen it with poorly printed images to hang on your wall…I want you to look at the images everyday, and know you got your money’s worth.

Well what is monitor calibration anyways?

well basically it is a lot of technical mumbo jumbo lol, but long story short, it is a way of changing the colors on my monitor to display how they will look once printed. This guarantees that once I edit an image and send it off to print, the image will be printed exactly as I intended it to look. The above image example demonstrates this better than I could ever explain, each image is an example of that particular generic company…if you notice the difference between the original image and the pro printed image is very minimal… where the other images vary not only in brightness (most often prints darker) and even the color is distorted, sometimes appearing greenish, purplelish, and yellowish…

Well why can’t you just calibrate your monitor to a generic company so we can print our images there?

Using a pro printer not only insures the calibration matches, they are trained printers, they know all of that technical mumbo jumbo, they know how to print my images exactly the way they were meant. There are so many things that go into the “simple” process of printing, generic companies click print, pro companies have a list of info they adjust before they print.


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