Light Writing

This image was created using a simple porch light, the lighting effect on the face is called a Rembrandt, (one of the best lighting techniques to create depth, deminsion, and detail) This is just one of many lighting techniques that can play a huge role in creating successful photographic image. The grainy effect was obtained through an extremely high ISO. Every aspect of this image was planned, from the lighting, to the mood, the position to the light, the in camera settings, and the overall idea of the image.

What is photography?

While I was obtaining my degree, I was given a definition of photography early on… “Photography is the process and art of recording an image, by means of capturing light on a light sensitive medium”…this definition stuck with me, its actually funny because this is one of the first things I was tested on as a photography student, and I still remember 2 years later 🙂 I think this is because being a photographer, I reflect on this definition every time I pick up my camera.

Capturing light, knowing how to work with it, how to manipulate it, and how to evoke emotion; feeling…that’s what photography is.  A photographer could obtain the most awkward expression, and completely miss a concept of posing…but if they nailed the lighting…created that mood…it can still be the most amazing image! The same concept applies the other way around as well… you could have the most amazing expression, pose, scene ect…but if you don’t have that light, its just another picture. Now when I talk about using light, this doesn’t mean oh well this spot is nice and sunny – i’m using light…the ability to control, manipulate, and understand the light is what brings you that amazing technique that is absolutely necessary in creating a true piece of artwork. I strongly believe, in order to consider yourself a photographer, understanding light is a crucial step. Yes, the more you know about other aspects of photography, the stronger your work will become, (composition, posing, capturing moments, techniques, ect) but without knowing light, the other elements of the photograph will blend together, making the attempt almost pointless. Now don’t get me wrong, there is a point in every image any one takes, photographs can be used to document a child as they grow, family, interactions, anything really…but at that point, it is not photography, it is simply a documenting process. If you ask your photographer anything at all…ask “do you know how to use light” .


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