The Perfect Print Size & wall layout Photographer’s Reference!

Here it is…the perfect size comparison reference 🙂 Scaled and to proportion! Gives a good look into how small that 8 x 10 really is hmm 🙂 So here’s the thing, I see these comparisons, and awesome wall display ideas  everywhere, on pinterest, on facebook, on photographer’s blogs…so I decided every photographer should be able to make there own photo displays for their own clients. I developed this basic scaled reference of the most common sized images for every photographer to have the opportunity to design their own layouts. I created this so that it is a real simple selection, and easy to use on your own 🙂

FREE to use, FREE to share, so pin it, tweet it, share it, save it, use it!

Here’s how to use it:

1. Save it to your computer

2. Load it into photoshop

3. use the magic wand tool (this seemed to be the easiest) and select the size you want to use

4. grab the marque selection tool, hold shift, and add the size text into the selection

5. use the move tool to move to a new page large enough to arrange a full layout

6. Repeat for every size you want to use.

7. Arrange your own layout!

***Make sure to not re size any of the individual images, seeing as this will effect the scale/proportions of the reference. ***


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