I am an Artist… I have bills just like you

                                                                                                                      Image credit: “Jordan May”

I came across this wonderful article today… “I am an artist…I will not work for free” To me it is enlightening. Many times people assume that because they have a connection with a photographer that it entitles them to free images, or free shoots… Being an artist, or in particular a photographer, takes time, dedication, education, investment… these things were not done in hopes to become a really good hobbyist… The time, heart, and energy was in an effort to pay our bills. It’s the dream to make a living doing something you love, well being a photographer is just that, paying our bills using something practiced, loved, and mastered. It’s disappointing to see the trade taken so lightly, and show such little value into something each artist has put their heart and talent into. Even more disappointing is when some feels there’s nothing wrong with using images without permission 😦

When your a photographer, images are your product. Except this product isn’t just some object that the seller has no connection with…It’s a product that has the heart of the seller in it, something the seller created themselves… So as you can imagine, when images are taken for granted or are stolen, or even “borrowed” without permission, its more than just a loss of product. You wouldn’t walk into a store and shoplift, you wouldn’t even go into a store and ask to have things for free, so how would this be any different? It’s our product, it’s our livelihood…it’s our rent, food, electric, our child’s Christmas, little girls dance lessons… Giving it away free does not generate good exposure, whether the purpose is for commercial or families, free work only brings in free work.

Photography, just like any other professional field,  requires investment, time, and talent…


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