Cat & Cam in Love

When I first met with Catherine and Cameron, I could tell right away what genuinely sweet people they are, and I knew that their wedding wasn’t going to be anything short of matching their personalities. Boy was I right, their wedding was soft, sweet, beautifully breathtaking… There were sweet treats everywhere you looked, from the Cookie bar, to the s’mores bar, to the wildflower and orange blossom honey stand (which I have to say was really tasty!)


And they really do make the perfect couple, in the little bit of time I had the opportunity to get to know Cat & Cam, I have seen that they bring out the best in each other… I saw Cat who is otherwise shy, become playful when with Cam, and Cam who talks only of wanting the day to be perfect for Cat and shows the most gentile nature. They compliment each other ❤ And I can only imagine what a beautiful person their daughter will grow to be with such beautiful people as her parents.


I was really quite impressed to how well the day fell into place. The venue at Bird Island Lake Ranch was so Beautiful, with the fire pit seating area, to the vastly large forest scene with so many booths decorated beautifully. The cake was gorgeous and tasty, the venue was decorated soft and eloquently…  Everyone was so welcoming, the family and the guest all followed suit in the personality of the whole day.  Cat & Cam to begin with are a beautiful couple… but then you see them on their wedding day… absolutely breathtaking people to match an absolutely breathtaking wedding. The reception was so fun, I particularly enjoyed the DJ, Craig,  Very upbeat, fun, and the he even got onto the dance floor himself! Then finally the sparkler send off… What a perfect beginning 🙂


Please Enjoy the Slideshow of Cat & Cam’s Beautiful Day ❤

Wedding Slideshow

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Ashley & Colton said I do!

They say if it rains on your wedding day it’s a symbol of good luck… well what if it’s a hurricane instead? Thankfully there were no drops of rain at Treasure Island that day, but I’d say a sign of good luck anyways 🙂 To be honest, they couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day for their wedding to fall on, and there has never been a couple who deserved perfect weather than these two. It was beautiful.

Ashley and Colton hold a special place in my heart, They are beautiful inside and out… genuine, caring, and really just the sweetest people I’ve met… and their wedding did nothing short of matching who they are. It was beautiful. They were beautiful. With soft shades of blue, vibrant yellows, sunflowers, and sandcastles… The whole wedding was happy, playful, soft, and sweet… just like them.

I briefly met their families, and after seeing them in action, I see how they became so amazing. Their family is strong, the amount of love they have for each other… lets just say It was difficult editing through watery eyes ❤  and to me, this shows how lasting their marriage is going to be… it shows how strong what ever little family they have for themselves will be…

The whole group… family, friends… were fun loving… and I swear, did they all take dance classes as kids?? They. Had. the moves. Even the father daughter dance was awesome. So much entertainment =D

Please enjoy a slideshow highlighting Ashley & Colton’s big day! Ashley & Colton’s Wedding Day


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I introduce to you Mr. and Mrs. Jordan!









Savannah Leigh 2016 Senior Portraits


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Because one day they won’t be little anymore…

My first son, Antonio, he’s 12 now.  I used to remember every detail about him 🙂 I thought, how can I forget how adorable that new smile is, how cute those crinkled toes are… and I do, I remember some of those details, but there were so many more. I always thought how can I forget any of this?


His 12th birthday really hit me hard, I mean I get a little nostalgic with each passing birthday, but this one… how has it been 12 years already? And then my next thoughts, ohh no… I only have 6 more years… and each one is going to go sooo fast… and ugh just as depressing, my youngest, I missed it, looking at her and even my other two boys… I’m already forgetting 😦 and looking back on it, I remember so little of them on my own… yes I have my photos… but they were a hard one to get that real smile on camera, I never thought to take pictures of how little their feet were, (and to be honest my photo skills were less to be desired to say the least) so even if I had thought to capture that one thing that I can honestly say I don’t remember anymore, It wouldn’t have done them justice. Because even though I can’t picture them in my mind, I do remember they were beautiful, every detail about them was beautiful… a lot of details that I can’t remember. One detail in particular… he had a blue ring around his eyes… He had these amazing black eyes with a blue ring… had never seen anything like it, and even though I remember that he had this, I can’t picture it, I can’t see it anymore… a detail I never wanted to forget, I can’t remember it anymore 😦 It seems then that you could never forget every detail, but you will, I can promise this because I went through it too.


One thing that I regret most about being a mom… I didn’t value photography. Yes you heard it right, this photographer didn’t value photography. I didn’t know how important it was, I didn’t know I would regret it one day, I didn’t know I would miss it. I wish I had known there was more to photography than Wal-Mart, I wish I had saved for those special sessions with someone who could see my children the way I saw them, I saw them in this light, when the light fell through the windows how it made their hair glow, or how the sunshine in the evenings hit their skin…they just looked like little angels… I didn’t know that I wouldn’t be able to picture it later… I know you’ve seen it too, you may not have realized why they just looked so perfect to you, but you’ve seen it. One day you won’t anymore, and you’ll be left like me with nothing to remember it with. It’s a regret you can’t take away… the question is, which of those memories or details are YOU willing to forget? I wasn’t willing to forget any of them… but I didn’t find out till it was too late 😦


Junior and Lilly

Antonio and Alec

Merry Christmas :)

Merry Christmas Everyone! So I’ve been trying to think of a way of giving something for christmas to not only my facebook fans and past clients, but to my photog friends as well 🙂 And I came up with this…


All you have to do is become a fan on my zooktography facebook page and send me a little message requesting the file 🙂 Orrrr if you are not one of my lovely photog friends, I will make you one as a gift from me to you 🙂


Weekly Photo Challenge: “Reflections”

So I came across this fun little blog today, that I think I may participate in quite a bit now 🙂 They host this fun little contest where they change the “theme” each week with a specific photographic capture. This week happens to be about reflections, and this was the first image that came to mind! Looking forward to seeing what other challenges they come up with =Dmaternity-photography-natural-light-photography-reflections-window-light(264-of-306)

The Elliott’s

Every once in a while I get a family that makes my job easy 🙂 Aside from being gorgeous, this family was fun loving, nurturing, and perfectly photogenic… Their son? A perfect image of his father’s personality… silly, funny, and nothing short of confidence;) …And their daughter? a perfect image of her mother’s personality…soft & loving…I don’t shoot entire families often, but I loved it, Its fun seeing during theses sessions the similarities of families, who takes after who, not just who looks like who, but which personalities each family member has in common…I love the time I get to take in getting to know them 🙂

We began the session with a bit of a hiccup… it had turned out our perfect location had a wedding being held 😦 but I think it worked out anyways, because the new locations ended up being awesome, with swans and a pretty lake in the background 🙂 I was VERY happy with the way the session turned out, and the most important part? They were too ❤

I may specialize in Children photography, but family photography was a lot of fun!